In Tandem Productions

What We Offer


what we offer

We are a creative agency offering everything you need for branding, rebranding, or updating the look of your company. We also have a photo studio where we photograph families, seniors portraits, products, et cetera! We are a fully mobile studio and can bring our gear and lights to your business but can also bring them onto the streets for a different look!


commercial photography

We believe that commercial photography needn’t be expensive to be fine. We boast some of the best photography in Plattsburgh and beyond, and all at affordable prices. Those looking for a more posh vibe will be happy to know that we offer high-end photo retouching that will turn your images from wow into WOW. I mean, look at that burger up there. ::drool::


video production

Media Media Media. Video is the most ingested media right now! If you want to have eyes on your business, video is the way. We can make you a ton of content for social media, web use, or even commercials. Make a powerful impact that can keep on giving over and over again.



Headshots are an experience that most people avoid. At ITP, we will make it NOT ONLY painless, but FUN. Really! Your online presence has never been more important. Are looking for a new job? To attract new clients? To rebrand your current business? To exude the friendless you do in real life? The first step is an awesome headshot. We price our headshot sessions so you feel comfortable getting a headshot each year and not make it such an investment that you feel you can only afford a headshot once or twice in your lifetime.



Our photo-retouching department is top-notch. We offer high-end retouching across the globe at reasonable prices. Our retouching department started out as Damian and Kara retouching out of their house. Their success has allowed them to expand and open In Tandem Productions and hire other creative people to live their dreams too. Retouching has, and always will be, a very important part of our company. Let’s bring your images to the next level together!




family portraits

Family portraiture is one of the finest investments. When all is said and done, the  thing you will always have is memories captured through photography. Our family portrait sessions can be on-location or in-studio, depending on the style of photograph you'd like to hang on your walls. Both options are fun and the end result is wall-worthy.


senior portraits

Whether you’re looking for studio photography or on-location photography, ITP can do it. Some of the most fun and innovative seniors flock to our studio for its creative energy and diverse looks. Take the opportunity to experience it all up close and personal. We promise you'll walk away with the senior portrait of your dreams.


wedding photography

Wedding photography is our jam. We don't have a huge portfolio but that doesn't mean that we don't know how to shoot weddings. It's a long story as to why our portfolio is on the smaller side but that doesn't mean you can't trust us to give you killer photos on your most awesome day. If you want the whole story, we'd love to tell you. Book a meeting. :D


graphic design

Try some graphic design in your life. Our design work is crafted by a small team that is deeply dedicated to your brand. Great design can amp up your look, make you stand out in a crowd, and give your brand more leverage against competitors. If you need print design, logo design, or any kind of online media, we are here for you and would love to make you something awesome.


website design

Your website SCREAMS who you are. Are you a business that only has a Facebook page and thinks that's "good enough"?? In this digital age, you need to be properly represented in every way you can to stand out against all the other noise (your competitors). We will help develop a website that works for you, often on a platform you can take over after we finish the design. We'll teach you how to use it and off you go into the digital world. What we do NOT do is charge you monthly maintenance fees to "maintain" your website that you probably won't need updated nearly enough to dictate a monthly fee. If you prefer we make changes for you? Awesome! We'll charge you on an as-needed basis. Monthly fees are bogus.


social media management

Social media! You love it. You hate it. You love it. You hate it. How do you feel about it? ::facepalm:: Does it help your business? Hurt your business? How do you even determine the return on investment for social media management? Social media makes you RELEVANT. We eat up media for dinner - if you're not relevant, people assume you're closed, not doing well, and surely not thriving in the modern world. Social Media is NECESSARY - as much as you may not want to deal with it. That's where we come in - let us take it over and we'll drive people to your doors then you take it from there.